Backyard Hazmieh:

The City’s escape: If there’s one place that captures the city’s pulse while offering an oasis of diverse experiences, it’s Backyard Hazmieh. A sprawling space hosting Lebanon’s most delectable restaurants as  tenants, each with its unique flavour and flair. Our team dived in, spotlighting each tenant’s offering on social media, turning Backyard into the city’s go-to hangout. Our branding touch unified this vast array of experiences under a cohesive and captivating Backyard banner. Through tailored advice and strategies, we shaped a harmonious blend of offerings and events. Speaking of events, our hand in event management transformed the space into a hub of unforgettable happenings. Plus, our production skills immortalised its vibrant energy into visuals. Today, whether you’re craving a quiet coffee, a shopping spree, or a night to remember, Backyard Hazmieh is where the city finds its heart.

Services we provide on retainer basis for this client:

 Event Management,  

Social Media management,