La Plage:

Des moments magiques … à l’infini: In a city that never sleeps, La Plage stands as its dreamy escape. A beach destination nestled in the heart of Beirut that feels like a voyage across the Continent. Our task? To translate the serene ambiance and vibrant energy of La Plage into a digital platform that communicates and tells a story beyond the usual beach destination content. Through tailored social media posts, we showcased sun-kissed moments, lively beach events, and tranquil sunsets that made every follower wonder how they could get into the place. Our branding overviews the essence of the beach – free, untamed, yet utterly inviting. With strategic consultancy, we’ve ensured that La Plage remains the city’s premier seaside destination, a haven where memories are made with luxury. In a world that’s always rushing, La Plage is the city’s reminder to pause, breathe, and simply be or in french “Dans un monde toujours pressé, La Plage rappelle les libanais de prendre une pause, de respirer et d’être simplement sois-même”

Services we provide on retainer basis for this client:

Social Media management,

Event management,

Feasibility Study,